Thermometer Info

A thermometer is a useful tool in our world today as it can tell you the temperatures of whatever it’s being used to measure. The temperature is one of the most important factors in a weather forecast, so a weather thermometer is one of the most important resources available to those who research the weather.



The development of the thermometer can be traced back to Galileo Galilei in the 16th century. Although Galileo himself didn’t single-handedly come up with the invention of the thermometer, he found that objects of different densities rise and fall. This is the primary principle behind the first thermometers. The liquid inside the temperate gauge rises when it gets warmer, because it becomes less dense. The colder the air, the lower the liquid drops in the temperature gauge, because colder air is denser than warmer air.

Thermometer Types

Today, they are used in many practical ways in our society. There are food thermometers, medical thermometers and industrial thermometers. You could easily make the argument that this is one of the most important inventions in recorded history. Before they were invented, people couldn’t really tell the temperature outside or what temperature the inside of their cooked meat was.

Digital thermometers have become quite an important tool in the modern world. They don’t use liquid to tell the temperature. Instead, they use readings inside the thermometers to tell a temperature, being most useful for measuring a child’s temperature. These are conveniently used at home to determine when parents should take a child to the doctor.

Infrared thermometers are another amazing version of this invention. They don’t require direct contact with the object being measured. This means that they are a safe and effective way of measuring the amount of heat in an oven, the temperatures of clouds in the atmosphere for weather purposes and any hot spots at a firefighting location.

Overall, thermometers are useful resources in our modern lives. We don’t really know where we would be as a society without them. Many of the most important day-today activities today are aided by the use of these amazing inventions.

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