Food Thermometers

Food thermometers are the best way to determine if your food is cooked to the way you want it instead of guessing or relying on sight. There are different uses for food thermometers, depending on what you are cooking.

Food Thermomether

Food Thermomether

A food thermometer is specifically designed to test the temperature in food. You can buy a thermometer for many different uses, including medical thermometers for checking fevers, weather thermometers, and industrial thermometers.

Food thermometers vary in what foods they are designed to measure temperature for. Some of them can only measure the temperature in meat or other thick foods. Others can work for both thick and thin foods, such as candy and soups. Oven safe thermometers can remain in the food while cooking which is beneficial when cooking meat so that you can tell when it’s done but not overcooked.

Candy thermometers measure a wider range of temperatures. They are also used in jelly making and deep frying because of the high temperatures. Some thermometers even have the different candy-making stages listed on the label, such as soft-ball and hard-ball stages. This makes it easy to tell when the candy has reached the correct stage.

There are several categories of food thermometers, but the two most popular are the digital and dial-style thermometers. A fork thermometer combination is one of the digital kind that are popular because you can stick it anywhere in the meat to test the doneness.

Most digital food thermometers read in just a few seconds. Dial thermometers take longer, usually one to two minutes, unless they are labeled instant read. Oven thermometers come in both styles.

Digital corded oven thermometers come in two parts. The probe is inserted into the food in the oven and it’s attached to the base by a cord. The base can sit on the counter or if it has a magnet, be placed on the oven door. This way, you can read the temperature without having to open the oven door.

When buying a food thermometer, read on the label to know what it can measure. If you cook a lot, getting one that is multipurpose will save you money. Buying two thermometers can also be beneficial. Get one that can stay in the food during cooking and one that you insert when you need a reading.

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